Press & Testimonials


  • Macworld & PCworld

“Sebastien Piconnier’s Photoshop Edge FX 2.2 is a fun plug-in for Photoshop CS4 and CS5 that lets you enhance your photos with an arty graphic border. You start by choosing from more than 60 preset borders and then resize and reposition the border; after that, you can go ahead and apply layer styles such as Glow and Drop Shadow. The borders are applied as masks, which preserves your original photo. This plug-in is not compatible with Elements.”


  • Photoshop Creative magazine

“Edge FX is one of the best Photo Frame ressources”


  • Jonathan Ferman, product manager for Adobe Exchange

“I want to thank you for creating a great product with EdgeFX and Analog PhotoFX. They are doing very well.”


“With this treatment the photos are ready to be printed and hung on the wall of the house, or included in brochures, catalogs, love letters, etc..”


” New version of a plugin for Photoshop CS4 and CS5 to create borders and frames to great effect and giving new emphasis to photographs”


“Something that I have loved in Photoshop Express for iPhone was the borders. In Photoshop for Mac OS X, these borders are not included, but this package could add them.”


“Photoshop Edge FX is a simple solution for adding creative borders around your images. The plugin ships with 100 frames and edges and also allows you to create your own mattes for additional borders. Simple and effective, this isn’t offering anything you couldn’t achieve manually, but does the job quickly and efficiently.”


  • Mike from Scotland

“I have now had the opportunity to try Edge FX and I am absolutely delighted my only suggestion is that it is too cheap and well worth paying much more especially when compared against [another popular] Framing Software.”

  • Serge from Russia

“Analog Photo FX is wonderful, thank you for your creativity, time and effort.”

  • Kim from USA

” Analog Photo FX works great ! I was so excited to see this plugin. I”ve been very jealous of my iphone friends!”

  • Bregje from Netherlands

“Super-extensions! I’ll spread the word.”

  • Leandro from Spain

“Thank you for Analog Photo FX. It”s amazing.”

  • Syd from UK

“I have installed the software and I am delighted with it.”

  • Daniel from czech republic

“Your software is so amazing!”