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Cast Iron Frits

Code Name EXP.Coefficient 20-150°C Firing temp(°C)
SCI901 Cast Iron Frit 284.53×10-7 760-780
SCI902 Anti Acid Cast Iron Frit 278.53×10-7 760-800
SCI919 One Coating Cast Iron Frit 331.81×10-7 760-800
SCI971 One Coating Cast Iron Frit 312.50×10-7 780-850
SCI920 Anti-acid Cast Iron Frit 298.53×10-7 760-800
SCI929 Anti-acid Cast Iron Frit 267.00×10-7 760-800


1, The surface of cast iron requires anneal and good sand blasting.

2, Mill addition ratio of cast iron black frits

Frit 100 Clay 5-6
borax 0.4-0.8 sodium nitrite 0.1-0.3
quartz 0-6 black pigment 2-5
Water 50-55 Specific gravity of slip 160-170g/100ml
Fineness 0.5-1.0g/150mesh.100ml    

Note: For anti-acid black frits, quartz should be added to 10-20%.