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Matt Enamel Frits

Code Name EXP.Coefficient 20-150°C Firing temp(°C)
MF 1710 Matt Frit 335.60×10-7 800-850
MF 1713 Cast Iron Matt Frit 253.94×10-7 780-830
MF 1718 Matt Frit 275.60×10-7 800-900


1, Matt frits can be coated on the ground coat frits, also coated directly on the metal body, together with Co-Ni ground coat frit, which make the surface dull or matt.

2, Mill addition ratio

Frit 100 Clay 6-7
borax 0.2-0.4 black pigment 3-5
Water 60-70 additive agent 2-7
Fineness 0.5-1.0g/15mesh.100ml Specific gravity of slip 160-170g/100ml

Note: Mixture of matt frits and Co-Ni frits with different ratios can make any kind of matt frits.