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Transparent Enamel first

Code Name EXP.Coefficient 20-150°C Firing temp(°C)
SDF600 Transparent Frit 295.28×10-7 820-860
SDF601 Ti Clear Frit 314.30×10-7 820-860
SDF602 Ti Clear Frit 314.35×10-7 800-850
SDF604 Ti Clear Frit 324.08×10-7 780-830
SDF606 Transparent Frit 285.60×10-7 800-850
SDF608 Pear Frit 297.60×10-7 800-830
SDF803 Acid Resistance Transparent Firt (A grade) 285.75×10-7 820-850
SDF804 Acid Resistance Transparent Firt (A grade) 278.19×10-7 820-850
SDF805 Acid Resistance Transparent Firt (AA grade) 251.30×10-7 820-850


1, They apply to colorant decoration on enamel surface with vibrant colors and stable tones. The firing temperature is lower than that of the below layer.

2, Mill addition ratio

Frit 100 Clay 4.5-6
Pigment 2-6 Water 45-50
Fineness of  Slip 0.1-2.0g/200mesh.100ml Specific gravity of slip 168-172g/100ml

Note: They must be added 0.1-0.3 sodium aluminium for anti-acid frits